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Mehran Avishe Company

Mehran Avishe company was established in 1378 with the aim of producing and packaging natural honey under the Abshan brand. The diverse and unique vegetation of the beautiful region of Taleghan is a suitable platform for the production of honey. Taking proper advantage of this issue and using modern beekeeping methods in its extensive beekeeping units, this company has produced various types of honey from the nectar of various flowers such as thyme, goon, barija and other medicinal plants. Abshan packing factory in Del The nature of Taleghan region is established on the slopes of Gezerchal mountain, in front of Do Hale peak and in the vicinity of Mehran village on a land of 6000 square meters.
The products of this factory are produced and packaged in a completely hygienic environment, using modern machines and devices, under the direct and continuous control and supervision of the highly advanced and well-equipped laboratory of this complex and according to the highest international standards with a capacity of over 5000 tons per year. to be
The quality and originality of produced honey is always the main goal and ideal of the company, and Abshan Food Industries is proud to produce, package and offer the most diverse high-quality honeys and other beehive products at the most appropriate price for the first time.
In 1998, with the aim of developing its product portfolio, this company began to produce and supply all kinds of high-quality marbajan with a capacity of 2500 tons per year, which is expected to be welcomed by healthy food consumers.
Also, in 2018, this company built a factory unit with a capacity of 1500 tons per year, with the aim of producing and processing all kinds of fruits, especially agricultural products of Taleghan region, as well as producing packaging materials, which is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2018. reach


Packaging factory

In the vicinity of Mehran village

Taleghan region

with an area of 6000 sm

Mehran village

Hillside of of Garzchal mountain